Lean Project and Portfolio Management Certification

The mission of the Lean Project Management Foundation is to assist private, public and nonprofit organizations in researching, developing and implementing innovative project and product management processes. We create value-oriented project management frameworks with the goal of improving the well-being of people around the world.

We live in a dynamic time in which innovations are changing our way of life and work. Heads of public and private sector organizations know that their success depends on novel ways of thinking that will allow them to progress in an economy where value-oriented organizations thrive.

Value-oriented organizations are adaptive in terms of transforming their structure, culture and behavior. They are innovative, looking to the future, and their foremost priority is to provide value.

Value-oriented organizations use projects as temporary value streams that help them achieve their mission. In our Lean Project Management Framework, we describe the philosophy, mindset and processes required for project success.

The following six principles are the basis of the Lean Project Management (LeanPM) Framework. They reinforce each other and work as a system:

  • Serve people
  • Create value and eliminate waste
  • Build knowledge and continuously improve
  • Apply systems thinking
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively
  • Simplify

We’ve created the LeanPM Framework to assist organizations to achieve their mission and better serve society. Project management is evolving. You are too. Thank you for joining us.


LeanPM Work

Through our activities, we strive to contribute to the success of organizations from the private, public and nonprofit sectors that support society’s advancement. To achieve our goals and vision, we undertake the following initiatives:

Develop, maintain and distribute a framework for successful project management ­­– the Lean Project Management (LeanPM) Framework.

Create other innovative project management tools to improve the value-creating ability of organizations.

Closely monitor the development of project management worldwide and promote the best value-oriented practices.

Building a network of partners that focuses on improving people's competence and increases projects value.

Lean Project Management Foundation with ID No. 206021195 is a nonprofit organization that performs only non-commercial activities in accord with its mission.