Lean Project and Portfolio Management Certification

LeanPM Volunteers

If you are skilled in lean project management, our Foundation invites you to volunteer to share your experience and create meaningful connections with the community. There are a number of ways that you can contribute and support our mission. We will use your set of capabilities, skills and energy, and find the opportunity that’s right for you. Volunteering with us can deepen your expertise in lean project management and expand your professional network.

We have volunteer roles that include research, reviewing, writing and creating tools.

Lean Project Management Foundation with ID No. 206021195 is a non-profit organization that performs only non-commercial activities in tune with its mission to assist in the research, development and implementation of innovative project and product management processes that help private, public and non-profit organizations.

If you would like to apply your expertise for the benefit of society, contact us. We need skilled professionals.

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