Lean Project and Portfolio Management Certification

LeanPM Values

We founded the Lean Project Management Foundation to contribute to the success and progress of organizations from the private, public and nonprofit sectors. This is our way to support the advancement of society. The following core values guide the decision-making processes in our everyday work and relationships with our partners and the public.

Continuous Learning​​​​. We ask questions and seek to continually improve and innovate, and strive never to stop learning from our challenges and successes.

Sustainability. Today’s sustainable organizations are likely to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. Our foremost priority is to provide value.

Connectivity. We bring together organizations, creating partnerships that improve people’s life.

Transparency and Trust. We are honest and direct in our internal and external communications.

Impact. We have a passion for progress. We assist organizations to transform and evolve through better management of their value stream systems.

Creative Leadership. We encourage innovation and growth through a leadership philosophy and mindset.